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I'm giving this blogging thing a spin. So it'll be filled with nonsense, I'm afraid. Otherwise I'm just a silly doodler who pretends to be an artist.



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Seven Katanas, You Know What, I Already Made that Joke!

If I can wield seven katanas all at once I’d be as happy as a clam, except I can’t so it makes me a sad bivalve, boo-hoo. Ok, seriously, it’s a Yoshitora Tokugawa fanart! I have no idea the guy responsible for Rurouni Kenshin designed him. Neat! I liked that anime. I’m impressed he even gave him some nice looking move-sets. It’s not all over the place and messy. 

His gameplay seems basic at first but I finally got to do one of his special moves that requires hitting all six of his other specials. The motion’s pretty hard especially on a PS vita, but I’m no expert, hehe. 

All-in-all he’s fun to draw and to play as, and even though I was swamped with chores I managed to color the drawing. It took me a while to figure out how his hair works, the black-white line art shows my lame-o attempt. On a side note, I love having a galaxy note. I can set aside and go back to drawing in a flash. I used my Chinese name for a signature, simply putting N.S. on a Japanese themed drawing looks odd. 

p.s. I used layerpaint HD for coloring and Stylus Labs Write for the line art.

Work Doodle Time again :}

Are you tired of my work doodles? I’m not. Well, HAVE some more! But I did make it black and white, instead of my usual red. I’m trying to get rid of that feeling of permanence when it comes to inking with black. You know that feeling of, “0#$#!+ my ink spilled! my roughs are ruined I have to start over!” kind of vibe. I don’t know why it stays with me even though I’m inking digitally.

Evermillionth Work Doodle!
I don’t know why drawing characters in stupid poses come naturally to me. I call this the reclimananing Solly, Ah-hyuck!

Evermillionth Work Doodle!

I don’t know why drawing characters in stupid poses come naturally to me. I call this the reclimananing Solly, Ah-hyuck!

Work Doodle for the Million-Zillionth Time


Fan arts can be fun. There are so many things to keep me awake, like HOW THE HELL DOES HIS HAIR WORK AT A CERTAIN ANGLE?! It took me a while to figure it out.

Finally, a Drawing Done at Home

In the kinda sorta private computer room. I get REALLY nervous when someone watches me work. Nervous to the point that my fingers feels like jelly and I suddenly can’t hold the stylus properly and everything becomes an UNDO-REDO-fest.

I made a color study on a separate software and used it as a palette, because experimenting with color harmony takes time. The blending sin’t actually smooth, I just worked big and shrank it down and voila the shading looks smooth!

I’m going to practice this technique some more, it’s kind of fun. I don’t know why reading about techniques is much more exciting than reading about how to channel your right brain. I read about Flemish painting techniques then, boom inspiration!

Android App Testing

I found another neat little app for my gnote. It’s called Handwrite Pro. I’m giving it a little spin. It’s a little buggy, but it has potential for people like me who like freehand vector drawing/sketching. It has a premium feature that exports to svg so I can do further effects in Illustrator. Erasing may cause the app to crash. That’s where I lost the kitty cat picture.


Lineless Art Practice

I’m trying to build up my confidence to draw without lines. I overlaid the color layer above the sketch instead of making a top layer set to multiply. I don’t know why the simpler the drawing software the more fun it is to experiment. Ok, I can’t make a masterpiece in MS paint. I just love making new techniques, or at least improvise techniques I learned from other software tutorials and apply it somewhere else.

 I do hope Mischief gets either a speed sensitive brush, or a fully customizable brush altogether. I can’t wait what’s in store :}

Some Things

I’m not sure if I should make a separate blog for my other style. When I started this blog I pretty much showcased my cartoony style over my anime-inspired style. It gets pretty scary for me to ask sometimes. Ugh, I had campus-mates and professors spewed their disdain over anime styled works, it has made me all scared and paranoid. Not to mention my lack of talent back then. So I guess I subdued this part of me when I started my tumblr blog, to avoid err that icky feeling I’m being looked down upon.

I love both of my styles, I just feel a little torn apart. And to those who love my cartoony stuff, I say to you: your eyes are safe. I don’t draw much romantic interactions(maybe weird unerving gestures). Romance is kinda a blur to my ITSY BITSY TINY BABY BRAIN. And to those who might like my anime inspired stuff, yeah I’m I know I’m pretty boring.

Why Don’t You come right here and say that to my face!

I finally colored that long overdue scout drawing. Somehow I do pretty well playing as this class. I haven’t got the hang of the triple jump using the atomizer and force a nature. In other words, I can’t do any fancy moves, but I will distract some foes for you, and pass along top secret craps.
My PC is acting odd, rather it’s like it’s on its last limbs. Wtf happened in storage? Did some rats do the tango in it while I wasn’t looking!?!! Thank goodness for this drawing software. It’s not to overworking on my hard disk at all.


Hey there hi there whoa there! It’s everyone’s favorite Black Scottish Cyclops! Tavish Degroot AKA the Demoman. I’m always jealous of teammates that can use this class effectively. When I defend the intel as an engineer somehow they can bounce away any unbercharged foes using sticky bombs, thus giving me time to repair. Dammit, every time I play as this class I blow myself up. So, I salute thee for DEMO-ralizing the opposition. FLY you magnificent drunkard FLY!!!!

Let Me See

How can I explain to people why I draw in my wannabe-anime style. The way I draw guys in that style might lead to some thinking I’m in to fanservice-y type(foh da grown-up[?] ladiez) animes. Well, I still like anime. Not all but some. I have to dig deep to find the ones I like, which I’m not going to mention for now since, I might still be plagued by ohohho you like this show so it must be uncool. That’s my whole childhood everyone. Getting back on topic. Though I may draw stuff like this, I draw it because I think it’s funny(especially when I draw my cartoon animal stuff first), I like to draw bishonen, and I take it as a challenge to make subtle poses based on memory. 

Post Script: The the drawings are not helping my case so I added a bunny loaf(bunny in a sitting position wherein its legs are hidden under its fat belly), because I’m a coward-sissy-pansy